Thursday, July 27, 2017

When the Sky actually Fell

I was thirteen years old in 1989 when the "Sky Fell" and the world changed.  I remember the date, October 8th, 1989.  It was like most days in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with a cool breeze coming in off the coast, the smell of sea salt in the air, and the usual group of us hanging out on the back patio at my dads house either in the pool or in the lounge chairs talking shit about whatever we could think of.

It was around one o'clock or so when it happened, couldn't tell you the exact time to be honest because of how loud it was and the shockwave that pretty much knocked us all on our asses.  I remember it got really bright all of sudden that I had to shut my eyes even with my Oakleys then there was a loud "cracking" in the sky above us before that shock wave hit us.  Didn't even notice all the windows in the house shattering until way after but anyways...  That's when the Van'stishi ship started breaking apart in our atmosphere. At first we didn't know it was a spaceship, we thought it was a meteor or maybe the Russian Mir station falling back to the ground.  But no, this was a real spaceship falling to the earth right over our heads and we had no idea what that would mean.

What else didn't we know until maybe a day later?  That a few alien species came out of warp space and decided to finish their war above our planet.  That earth would be dragged into their war.  That some countries would benefit from our new visitors while others would either be totally wiped out or become slaves to their new alien overlords.  Yeah, the shit had hit the fan and humans would be shoveling it for the next twenty years.

I'm not the best writer, I admit it, but somebody has to tell this story honestly before it's too late.  The media only gives part of the story.  I want to tell you everything I can when I can.  This Konflikt is almost over and Sosozov is where it'll end....or start over.


  1. Great start. I look forward to being part of this story.

  2. Brilliant. Looking forward to this.

  3. Interesting, looking forward to more.