Thursday, August 17, 2017

Der Kommissar aka Renki

Ayyy listen up mates this is your man on the street Renki!  Yeah I'm pumping out some old jams on the boom box to remind you of Landing Day, ya' know the day all the aliens decided to make our world their own back in 89'?  So yeh, this isn't from 1989 but it gets you in the mood right?

Speaking of being in the that mood!!!  But seriously mates take a moment to consider joining the Euro-League Union Armed Forces won't you?  Those ladies and gents out on the front lines can't do it on their own and could use your support.  Even if you don't sign up there's loads of way to do your part for the cause.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sergi & Company (Part 1)

September 2, 2023
3:34pm somewhere in the city of Kaspivodsk, Sosozov.

The journey to meet with Sergi took an hour longer than we were informed but I think our guide did this on purpose in order for the team to see just what a war-torn country looks like.  During the hike we saw the usual burned out buildings, wrecked cars, tanks, and down helicopters littering the landscape however during this hike we saw more and more people actually out and about.  Most were searching through wreckages to find something, others just walking aimlessly with what appeared to be no purpose other than to keep on the move.  At one point Jenny asked "Where are the Van'stishi?  We haven't seen any?"  Our guide, we'll call him "Jun", says only that Sergi should be the one we ask, he isn't knowledgeable about such things.  There was something about the way he said it that made me nervous but he was the one who was getting us to meet with Sergi. 

Before we make our final approach to the dilapidated building Jun tells us a few things in order to not be "eyed funny".  When we meet with the guards we're to give them a carton of cigarettes each then they'll let us in.  Don't have our weapons in our hands but have them holstered in the open, they don't like surprises and a concealed handgun will get us killed regardless of the invitations we received.  Lastly don't ask Sergi anything unless he lets you know you can.  Seems easy enough and we all start putting our weapons in their holsters or over our shoulders.  We're about ten feet away from Jun who's already at the doorway and waves us in.

Before we cross the threshold we see two guards in olive drab military styled clothing.  One has a German flag on the left shoulder and the other a Soviet, not a Neo-Soviet flag but the old U.S.S.R. red and gold hammer and sickle style.  We give each of them a carton of cigarettes and the German soldier looks surprised and opens it franticly, removes a pack then opens it and quickly lights one.  "Is good is good!  Marlboro 100 Red, is good! Spasibo! Spasibo!"  They quickly wave us inside while starting a conversation amongst themselves, I don't try to listen in but from the limited amount of German and Russian I can speak I can tell their spirits have been lifted even if only for a few moments.  However the moment is lost on me when a massive figure moves in front of the next doorway blocking our path.  With what little light is coming in from behind us through the outer doorway I can tell it's an Ikwen from the reflection of its four eyes and size.  As far I knew the only Ikwen that survived here were those still loyal to the Van'stishi.  Perhaps this was a defector?  This would be something I'll have to ask our host when and if the time comes but first I ask Jose to pull out the fish oil broth we were asked to bring and give it to the Ikwen.  He/she (I never learn if it was a male or female) takes it and surprisingly replies with "Danke".  An Ikwen speaking German?  It looks like I'll have more than a few questions for Sergi.  In any case the Ikwen takes us deeper into the building, down two flights of steps, and into what I assume was an old parking garage now turned into a makeshift headquarters.  For obvious reasons I can't say exactly what I see down here but it's more than just salvaged equipments like I thought it would be.

The Ikwen leads us down yet another hallway that surprisingly has electricity.  Plastered along the walls are old "The Terminator" posters from Poland (?) and just like that first film in the series this place very much reminds me of the Resistance hideaway of John Connor.  There are more than a few makeshift homes in this place, some with homemade doors, others with simple cloths for limited privacy.  When I was a kid this is what the apocalypse would look like to me thanks to movies and comic books.  If it hadn't been for a real spaceship filled with real aliens this would still be the stuff of science fiction.  Now it's science fact, and it's actually terrifying.  Most of us, 80's kids, thought that if those old movies, comics, and television shows actually happened we'd be able to handle it no problem.  Yeah, we were wrong.

The Ikwen stops Jun and mutters something to him in a mix of German, Russian, and another language I can't make out then Jun waves me over.  He says Sergi will only meet with Jenny and myself, the rest of the team would be escorted to the guest quarters to rest and begin to collect the letters we're to be given from Sergi's soldiers as well as delivery the rest of the goods we were asked to bring.  They don't argue much, but do as they've been instructed after giving me five cartons of cigarettes that we're to gift to Sergi.   After they leave Jenny and I are taken down yet another hall, half lit with yellow bulbs with every fourth one being red for some reason.  I remember something about red light being important but honestly I forgot.  In any case Jun knocks on a metal door, it obviously  has several locks on the other side as it takes a minute or so before the door opens and light pours out into the hallway.  Jenny and I are told to take a seat on some old wooden boxes with pillows on them and wait for Sergi.  Jun says nothing else then walks out closing the door behind him.  I'm just sitting here wondering, who unlocked the door if nobody is in here?  Then we hear footsteps and soft humming coming from around a corner we didn't know was there.

Our host, Sergi, has arrived.....

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

September 2, 2023: On the Road to "Sergi"

Over the last month my guide's been getting us through the remains of East Germany and Poland until we finally made it across the lines into Sosozov.  To say that the landscape is the stuff of nightmares is an understatement as everything we've seen is either dead or dying, and that includes the people of these countries.  Countries isn't the right word, more like wastelands.  Nearly every major city and even the smaller ones are shells of their former glory.  The glass is gone from the skyscrapers and what's left on the ground is nothing more than ground up sand.  Buildings are riddled with bullet holes, walls completely gone, dust is everywhere as are the remains of those who didn't make it out in time.

The country of Sosozov is no better, at least not directly across the front lines.  Regardless of the time of day we can still hear the sounds of gunfire and artillery somewhere in the distance.  As my guide has told us countless times "If you hear rocket find cover.  If you hear bullet it too late."  By now I don't flinch when I hear the sounds of war that surround me and I've gotten used to the ground shaking when a shell or plasma bomb hits the earth somewhere close.  I'm not claiming to be a battle hardened warrior, but you do get used it.  Jenny, my colleague, is still not quite used to the sounds but she's stopped jumping every time something pops off.  She's even become accustomed to holding her .45 without hesitating.

Unless you've been living under a rock, which if you were here I wouldn't blame you, here's some background on the country of Sosozov.  In 1989 the main habitat of the Van'stishi collection ship crashed in the southern part of Belarus between the cities of Pinsk and Mayr, south of Salihorsk.  The resulting devastation from something the size of New York City impacting a planet is unimaginable but if it weren't for the ships anti-grav drive the death toll would have the total extinction of the planet instead of several million thanks to low population of the area.   Not saying that a few million people dying is something to brush off your shoulders, but still it's better than what could have happened.

Soviet "aid" was quick to respond sending in "Protection Forces" as well as medical supplies in what we always knew was an invasion force under the guise of a white flag.  Finding hard information about what exactly happened next is near impossible as the Soviet Union keeps those records locked away where I even doubt Comrade President Yanslyn can get to them today.  The best that can be guessed without having the information or even sources within the Pentagon is the survivors of the Van'stishi crash met with locals and performed their own aid with (at the time) advanced medical techniques making them almost god-like in nature.  I can say this because it's a known fact that within three months the Soviets were pushed out of Belarus in retreat.  President Gorbachev declared open war against the "Alien Invaders" and began the air campaign in December 1989.  Obviously it didn't succeed as by February 1990 airstrikes ceased but the ground campaign continued.

May 1990 saw the official end of the "Cold War" when President Gorbachev asked for help from NATO to contain and cleanse the country of Belarus of this alien species they dubbed the Van'stishi.  NATO of course agreed and the rest of the story is pretty much written in the history books.  The people of Belarus and the Van'stishi joined in repelling the Soviets, NATO, and Warsaw Pact forces with great success due to the advanced tech and weapons of the aliens.  June 1994 saw the "final" withdrawal from Belarus by the allied forces though, as should be evident from this writing, covert operations still continue.

August of 1994 was the beginning of "The Liberation Expansion" where Belarus and the Van'stishi began to move into northern Ukraine and eastern Poland.  By October the capital cities of Kiev and Warsaw had been taken and the country of Sosozov was born.  In January 2021 Moscow fell but it was also the end of the expansion period.  Most people think the Sosozovians just stretched themselves too far into other countries so they had no choice until they could build up more troops both human and alien but I think it had more to do with the rest of us, aliens and humans, having had enough and finally holding a line so to speak.

Yes I know I'm simplifying more than twenty years of conflict but in the age of the internet with information at your fingertips it's fair to say that you can find out more on your own.  Right now we're about to meet with "Sergi" and his "Oktober Guard" in the city of Kaspivodsk about 200 miles south east of the former city of Hlusk.  "Sergi & Company" as they like to be called are all Soviet military that were caught behind the lines during the last big push by Neo-Soviet forces in the fall of 2019.  Our agreement is that he'll give us an exclusive interview about life in the Konflikt Zone in exchange for a few items as well as getting letters to the families of his comrades.  We should be at the location within an hour...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

When the Sky actually Fell

I was thirteen years old in 1989 when the "Sky Fell" and the world changed.  I remember the date, October 8th, 1989.  It was like most days in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with a cool breeze coming in off the coast, the smell of sea salt in the air, and the usual group of us hanging out on the back patio at my dads house either in the pool or in the lounge chairs talking shit about whatever we could think of.

It was around one o'clock or so when it happened, couldn't tell you the exact time to be honest because of how loud it was and the shockwave that pretty much knocked us all on our asses.  I remember it got really bright all of sudden that I had to shut my eyes even with my Oakleys then there was a loud "cracking" in the sky above us before that shock wave hit us.  Didn't even notice all the windows in the house shattering until way after but anyways...  That's when the Van'stishi ship started breaking apart in our atmosphere. At first we didn't know it was a spaceship, we thought it was a meteor or maybe the Russian Mir station falling back to the ground.  But no, this was a real spaceship falling to the earth right over our heads and we had no idea what that would mean.

What else didn't we know until maybe a day later?  That a few alien species came out of warp space and decided to finish their war above our planet.  That earth would be dragged into their war.  That some countries would benefit from our new visitors while others would either be totally wiped out or become slaves to their new alien overlords.  Yeah, the shit had hit the fan and humans would be shoveling it for the next twenty years.

I'm not the best writer, I admit it, but somebody has to tell this story honestly before it's too late.  The media only gives part of the story.  I want to tell you everything I can when I can.  This Konflikt is almost over and Sosozov is where it'll end....or start over.